a desire to push forward without gaining access to anything – Fritz Welch

Mutant vocals crash alongside sobering dada sentiments on this new LP by Fritz Welch (Peeesseye, FvRTvR, Ki, Lambs Gamble, Asparagus Piss Rain Drop, Ego Depletion, etc). Fritz presents a ping pong vocal dance that transforms into a twisted exchange of rhythms and melody. A recorded journey into the interior of Fritz’ brain hole. Unrelenting and beautiful in its execution across both sides, you’ll be gasping for air by the end of it all.

released by Radical Documents, August 28, 2018

Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch is percussionist & vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the  bloodshot eye of results. He has most recently played with Re-Ghoster Extended (quintet with  Nicolas Field, Thomas Florin, Jérôme Noetinger & Nate Wooley), Hexakaidecagon (with David  Moré), Dome Riders (quartet with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Mike Parr-Burman & Armin Sturm)  and in duo formation with Olivier DiPlacido. Welch and David Moré co-organize the monthly  music/sound/performance series Baked Beans On The Doorstep at The Old Hairdresser’s…. A  longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow.