Duo Moment – 19.9.21

Moment is a Kurdish experimental, free improvisation Duo by Khabat Abas and Hardi Kurda. The duo focuses on a moment where sounds emerge through interacting, reflecting, reacting and interrupting each other. Hardi and Khabat want to share their experience of sound making with audience, to experience a world of sounds and noises from East to West. 

Across three sets recorded at an event celebrating the launch of their recent record 'Broken Resonance' at Cafe OTO in September 2021, Khabat Abas and Hardi Kurda blur the boundaries between acoustic and electronic sounds in a deeply intuitive interplay by turns restless and reflective. Set 3 introduces chance elements into the mix, inviting audience members to trigger components of Kurda's interactive radio antennas setup, which the duo then react to in turn, creating an evolving soundworld seemingly untethered to any one particular source.


Recorded by Paul Skinner at Cafe OTO on 19.9.21

Mixed and mastered by Oliver Barrett

Cover photo by Rolf Killius

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Set 1 - 16.06

2. Set 2 - 13.39

3. Set 3 - 18.22

Hardi Kurda

Composer, sound artist, improviser, researcher, and curator Hardi Kurda, he is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London. Hardi’s compositions involve suggestive and unusual sounds. The artist uses, among others, the radio to explore spectrum frequency as sound material. Besides composing classical acoustic and electronic music, Hardi Kurda develops pieces in which music interacts with different art forms in new art spaces to create new listening experiences using found scores, a new listening medium he develops. 

His works were performed in Irtijal International Festival for Improvisation Music in Beirut, Adapter ensemble Berliner Festspiele MaerzMusik, “Sound Place” exhibition and ShowRoom in London. His work was commissioned by the Department of Public Art in Gothenburg, the Swedish Art Council, and Goethe Institute. He recently received a new commission from the Swedish Art Council for his project “The Illegal Performance”. Hardi’s latest works The Magnified Face, the found score of Kurdish carpet, have been performed telepathically with Jennifer WalsheTomomi Adachi inspiration from John Heartfield found footages organised by ADK in Berlin, curated by Julia Gerlach. Hardi is a founder and curator of Space21 for Sound Art and Experimental Music in Kurdistan-Iraq, two editions of the festival was co-curated with the artist and writer Brandon LaBelle. In (2020) he became the fifth scholarship holder of the Radio Art Residency in Halle, Germany where he created two experimental radio performances: Listening Urgency, the found score of radio and Everything illegal, the found score of illegal stories, performed with Nina Guo, curated by Tina Klatte. Hardi last piece for electroacoustic performed at the Listening Biennial in Slemani-Kurdistan as a part of the Global Listening Biennial 2021, where he was part of the curator collaborative partners of the biennial.

website: www.hardikurda.com

Khabat Abas

Khabat Abas is an experimental cellist, improviser, and composer from Kurdistan Iraq. She moves freely between artistic disciples and possibilities. Her works has taken a broad collection of inspiration including noise, improvisation, classic music, and narrative story, and used them as an individual approach. Khabat’s curiosity and the sense of exploration arise between her lived experience and as a cellist. Therefore, since 2008 her work based on sound research, beginning with the acoustic cello, prepared cello, and recently with adapted cello. Khabat is probably known for her adapted cello and improvisational work using extended techniques, she started developing works that respond to the objects that are surrounding her or had childhood memory. In her practice, She, raises questions about what is out of bounds, that raising the possibilities of sounds that cannot be controlled. In contrast, to traditional musical values.

Khabat performed with various ensembles, including the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, Sulaymaniyah string orchestra, Gothenburg Academic Symphony Orchestra, and Non-Ensemble for experimental music, also collaborated with curator, artist, and musician in Kurdistan-Iraq, Gothenburg and Malmö Sweden, Berlin and London. Khabat last piece for electro acoustic performed at the Listening Biennial in Slemani-Kurdistan as a part of the Global Listening Biennial 2021. 

website: www.khabatabas.com