Overlapped Memories – Dominique Vaccaro

Field recordings from different times and places, a walk through the woods or an exotic place far away from home. Studio-made sounds using instruments, tape loops, reel to reel Revox recorder and digital editing. Otherwise insignificant everyday life sounds. Everything mixed together in a diaristic manner, like seamless notebook sketches.


Dominique Vaccaro / field recordings, tape manipulation, stereo looper


Recorded between July and September 2018. Released september 25th, 2019


Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download.

"All the tracks here—most of which last less than two and a half minutes—rely on just a few elements to paint rich sonic landscapes. Vacarro blows up small moments—tiny clicks, cut-off tones, droplets of sound—into sparse but complex tapestries. In the process he creates spaces that listeners’ minds can fill in, like abandoned buildings that inspire their viewers to imagine what once went on inside." - Bandcamp Daily