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Dominic Lash & Angharad Davies – 5.5.15 DL

Both great improvisers, but even better storytellers, Davies and Lash carve a huge narrative with this simple approach to strings. As soon as their bows hit string they are growing and swelling together until their huge swathe of sound looms over the room and fills OTO's every nook and cranny. And then, all of a sudden, it disappears - leaving just a ticking, a bowing of floorboards under an invisible, shifting weight. Detailed minutiae with gigantic effect from two of the UK's best. 


Angharad Davies / violin

Dominic Lash / double bass 


Recorded by Mark Jasper on Thursday 5th May 2016. Mixed by Abby Thomas. Mastered by James Dunn. 



1. 22:32 - 22:32

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download. 

Angharad Davies

Angharad Davies is a Welsh violinist, based in London, working with free-improvisation, compositions and performance.

Much of her work involves collaboration. She has long standing duos with Tisha Mukarji, Dominic Lash and Lina Lapelyte and plays with Apartment House, Cranc, Common Objects, Richard Dawson's band and Skogen. She has been involved in projects with Tarek Atui, Tony Conrad, Laura Cannell, Jack McNamara, Rie Nakajima, Eliane Radigue, Roberta Jean and J.G.Thirlwell.

She has released records on Absinth Records, Another Timbre, Potlatch and Confrontrecords.

Her album Ffansion | Fancies was voted in the top 12 albums for Radio 3's Late Junction.

Dominic Lash

Bassist Dominic Lash is based in Bristol and has performed with musicians such as Tony Conrad (in duo and quartet formations), Joe Morris (trio and quartet), Evan Parker (duo, quartet and large ensemble) and the late Steve Reid. His main projects include The Dominic Lash Quartet, The Set Ensemble (an experimental music group focused on the work of the Wandelweiser collective) and The Convergence Quartet.