Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth – Derek Baron

Derek Baron is a New York based artist whose quotidian and diaristic work quietly fizzes with creative energy. With field recordings, text-based works, chamber ensemble works, solo piano works and various other techniques, their deft hand has scribed a compelling set of both stripped-back and collage-based releases on the likes of Penultimate Press, Recital, Regional Bears and their own label 'Reading Group'. For this new release they’ve treated us to a series of musical vignettes; uncovered fragments of memories and offering us tiny glimpses into their personal world. Tender, haunting and beguiling - these works burrow deep.

"Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth is a collection of fragments from the last decade or so of my thinking about harmony and performance. "J&C" was a collaboration with V Haddad; "Herr Gott, dich loben wir" was recorded with Dominic Frigo. "Choral Arrival" is a group learning of the Franciscan Salve Regina, sung at the co-incidence festival in Boston in January 2019. "Choral Arrival" is named after a phrase by Annika Finne." - Derek Baron


1 - Mach's Proof of Asymmetry (1871)

2 - e j02 (2013)

3 - e j02a (2013)

4 - TL in back_1 (2019)

5 - e j10 (2013)

6 - J&C!!_2 (2014)

7 - e j04 (2013)

8 - Herr Gott, dich loben wir (1726)

9 - e j05 copy (2013)

10 - e j12 copy (2013)

11 - Candestic for John (2018)

12 - e j13 (2012)

13 - e j14 (2012)

14 - Choral Arrival_1 (c1135)

Derek Baron

Derek Baron is a composer, writer, and teacher from Chicago and New York. They have released music with Penultimate Press, Regional Bears, OtoRoku, Recital, and other labels. Collaborative projects include the amateur chamber ensemble Cop Tears and the music/writing duo Permanent Six Flags. They also operate, with Emily Martin, the "Reading Group" record label for new and archival audio.

Derek's upcoming projects and releases include a cassette of live recordings with Malvern Brume and Ecka Mordecai, a new Cop Tears release entitled Our Favorite Music, a book with Permanent Six Flags, and a solo chamber/collage album entitled Holy Restaurant, as well as several scores for dance and film. The Game of Letters is a new chamber work written for Apartment House.