A Realistic Morning Prayer – Derek Baron and Zoots Houston

Derek Baron & Zoots Houston with an array of objects and junk.

Resonating metal surfaces, chains, paper, thin strips of wood, a broken radio, small battery powered oscillators and a floor tom. Passing cars outside the window. Silence. One microphone recording it all.
"The well-captured minuscule texture selections of resonant metal, miscellaneous percussion, trivial objects, broken gadgets, chimes, and miniature oscillators map out a detailed environment, confined to a small area but given further reach via the movements of the devices in and out of the recording field as well as the creaks and clunks of the performance surface. There’s no forced claustrophobia, no artificial extrication from circumambience. We hear passing cars in the distance, gusts of air past the window: a wider universe in which these sonic events occur, not necessarily emphasized but present nonetheless." - Noise Not Music

Recorded in Chicago, December 2015. Released September 25th, 2019

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download.

Derek Baron

Derek Baron is a composer, writer, and teacher from Chicago and New York. They have released music with Penultimate Press, Regional Bears, OtoRoku, Recital, and other labels. Collaborative projects include the amateur chamber ensemble Cop Tears and the music/writing duo Permanent Six Flags. They also operate, with Emily Martin, the "Reading Group" record label for new and archival audio.

Derek's upcoming projects and releases include a cassette of live recordings with Malvern Brume and Ecka Mordecai, a new Cop Tears release entitled Our Favorite Music, a book with Permanent Six Flags, and a solo chamber/collage album entitled Holy Restaurant, as well as several scores for dance and film. The Game of Letters is a new chamber work written for Apartment House.