Deleted – Les Sentiments

'Les Sentiments' provides a crucial survey of Deleted, the solo project of prolific French artist Christophe Petchanatz, a long-time veteran of the underground scene who cropped up under many different pseudonyms and across a whole slew of bands. Most notably, this included Los Paranos and Klimperei, as well as frequent collaborations with the likes of Al Seamless and C-drík. Deleted, whose name is derived from those cassettes which were out of print and never reissued, and so were removed from a label’s catalogue and therefore “deleted”, served as an outpost for his slightly darker explorations into the world of new wave, experimental, industrial and minimalism, all of which uniquely sown with a home-brewed feel reminiscent of the period.

The project was initiated in 1988 and eventually spanned almost 20 cassettes over the proceeding ten years, with releases on some of the stalwart labels such as EE, Tonspur, Corrosive and Old Europa Cafe. 'Les Sentiments' provides an initial gaze into such a world, featuring 14 tracks across six of his albums over 1988-1994, with a skew towards his earlier material but landing at some of his later stuff once through to the other side.