Rhythmic Landscapes – Cam Deas

London based artist Cam Deas presents a revelatory new stage in his practice. Following in the footsteps of the likes of David Tudor's Rainforest works, Cam studies in the liminal space between the natural world & synthesis, conjuring deep, meditative and beguiling sound worlds. Some of his most singular and focussed work to date, following on from a series of impressive releases on Death of Rave and Alter.
"I wanted to make something which reflected a scene of nature, outside of the city, somewhere which has become more and more attractive to be over the last few months... So I made these synthesised percussion sounds to be almost real and wooden, which are weaving in and out across different tempos, playing patterns that are somewhat regular, but always changing slightly. This is meant to be analogous with the dawn chorus, or any scene of nature where lots of different small events are happening, layered, at once... But I only had the dawn chorus, so I recorded that at 4am on Monday morning. These individual bird songs weaving in and out, repeating, different birds joining and leaving throughout. So it's meant to be 3 different sound environments, or imaginary frames of an environment at 3 different moments." - Cam Deas

1 - Rhythmic Landscapes 1 [06:55]
2 - Rhythmic Landscapes 2 [11:33]
3 - Rhythmic Landscapes 3 [05:54]

Cam Deas

Cam Deas is a musician and sound artist based in London. His work is not subject to straightforward categorisation, with output ranging from solo acoustic guitar exploration through live electro-acoustic performance, to pure synthesis and computer generative music.

In 2018 he released Time Exercises on The Death of Rave, consisting of five works for synthesiser and computer, his first full length purely electronic work. The pieces explore polytempos and relative ratios between pitch and rhythm in a dense electronic space, described as “disembodied music playing out a thrilling dramaturgy and syntax of alien dissonance and disorienting rhythmic resolution”.