Bruno Duplant – insaisissable(s) instant(s)

French artist Bruno Duplant gifts us a 36 minutes long piece insaisissable(s) instant(s)', a reflection both on time and the complex emotions under covid-19 lock-down. With field recordings of voices, birds and dogs, electronic bips & clicks and lingering piano notes, he draws his curtains and welcomes us to his discreet aural world.

"Time has only one reality, that of the Instant. In other words, time is a reality tightened on the instant and suspended between two nothingness. Time will undoubtedly be able to be reborn, but it will first have to die. He will not be able to transport his being from one instant to another to make it a duration. The instant is already loneliness ... It is loneliness in its most stripped metaphysical value. But loneliness of a more sentimental order confirms the tragic isolation of the instant: by a kind of creative violence, time limited to the instant isolates us not only from others but from ourselves, since it breaks with our dearest past."
Gaston Bachelard, L'intuition de l'instant, Editions Gonthier, méditation, 1932, p. 13-15.

Dedicated to Reinier Van Houdt


Bruno Duplant - field recordings, electronics, piano

Cover design by Oliver Barrett from a photo by Bruno Duplant.

1 - insaisissable(s) instant(s) [36:00]

Bruno Duplant

After taking piano lessons about ten years ago in order to be able to play Satie and Monk, Duplant started creating experimental compositions with the help of an old PC and some software transformed from its original function. Over the the last few years he has collaborated with a number of musicians from the Wandelweiser collective, and has released discs on both Radu Malfatti and Eva-Maria Houben's own labels, Another Timbre and his won label Rhizome.s.