Bruno Duplant – Au Hasard des Cercles

Bruno Duplant is a self-taught composer, phonographer, bassist, and altogether 21st century renaissance man from France. Like many others of his generation, he is a relentless audial explorer and documentarian, and over just the past few years has more releases in more genres and on more labels than one can reasonably keep track of. (This impulse to document may bleed over from the other side of his life as a library sciences teacher.) Unlike some of his peers, however, his releases are not just the product of obsessively recording live sessions. Instead, Duplant seems to have a more concerted program. Per his own testimony, even his field recording releases are thoughtfully composed. And, his electro-acoustic and pure acoustic compositions are meticulous and delicate soundscapes, feedback and frayed edges included.


Composed by Bruno Duplant
Recorded at "la salle de jeu" Waziers, France.
Bruno Duplant: percussion and/with electronics


Released: Zoomin' Night

Released July 1, 2019

Photo by Bruno Duplant
Art design by Liu Lu

Bruno Duplant

After taking piano lessons about ten years ago in order to be able to play Satie and Monk, Duplant started creating experimental compositions with the help of an old PC and some software transformed from its original function. Over the the last few years he has collaborated with a number of musicians from the Wandelweiser collective, and has released discs on both Radu Malfatti and Eva-Maria Houben's own labels, Another Timbre and his won label Rhizome.s.