BLURT – Cut it! Live!

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Saxophonist, poet and puppeteer, Ted Milton, brought his band Blurt to the 4th Tomorrow Festival with an unusual musical scene. He has recited 5 of his poems before the performance. The full set of 19 tracks, including poetry readings, are included exclusively in the special edition of the digital album.


Ted Milton / 主唱 vocals, 萨克斯 saxophone
Steve Eagles / 吉他 guitar
David Aylward / 鼓 drums


录音 Recording: 曾君 Zeng Jun / 罗绿野 Luo Lvye
母带处理 Mastering: 刘英 Liu Ying
制作人 Producer: 涂飞 Tu Fei
摄影 Photography: 陈悦湘 Chan / 许益铭 Bug @ Dafa
设计 Design : 尹思卜 Midori Yin


A1. O! Look Who’s Out on Parole! - 3:36
A2. Listen to Me, Shirley! - 4:20
A3. Beneath Discordant Skies - 5:24
A4. They’ll be Here Soon - 8:22
A5. Hat - 2:19
A6. Cut It! + Cherry Blossom Polish - 5:48
B1. Empty Vessels - 6:22
B2. Amour De Ma Vie - 5:09
B3. What’s This Mission All About - 2:32
B4. The Fish Needs A Bike - 4:50
B5. Enemy Ears + Cherry Blossom Polish - 8:58