Ben Bertrand and Otto Lindholm – Reversion

An all new collaborative work by exciting new Belgian artists Ben Bertrand & Otto Lindholm:

"The first time we collaborated as a duo was for our interpretation of The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars at les Ateliers Claus. At that time, there was an audience surrounding us. Now secluded and on our own, we went back to the same venue and locked ourself for 2 days arranging and recording the music Ben Bertrand wrote while he was in confinement.

We designed a dense and mineral triptych. Digging into this music, we experienced the current and pressure of the passing time. At some point we saw light coming in. The transformation has already been done, reversion to fundamentals is now our single option." - Ben Bertrand and Otto Lindholm


Composition : Ben Bertrand
Arrangement : Otto Lindholm and Ben Bertrand
Bass clarinet and electronics : Ben Bertrand
Double bass and electronics : Otto Lindholm
Recorded and mixed at les ateliers claus by Christophe Albertijn the 29th and the 30th of June 2020.
Thanks to : Dad, Mom, Tommy and Keiko.
Painting : Pierre Vande Pitte
Picture : Laurent Orseau

Artwork design:Oliver Barrett

1 - Acerilla [09:14]
2 - Halite [08:05]
3 - Cinnabar [08:13]

Ben Bertrand & Otto Lindholm

Ben Bertrand is a Belgian Bass Clarinetist and composer. With his instrument and countless machines, Ben creates his live with a hypnotic web of sounds. Listening to his music is like sitting at the sea, watching a slow motion of our crazy life sailing by. With his former works (Era/Area, Off-Record 2017 and NGC 1999, les albums Claus 2018), Ben toured in Belgium, France and Netherlands (Meakusma Festival, Ancienne Belgique, Le Lieu Unique, Schiev Festival, Le Guess Who?, World Minimal Music Festival). His last album, Manes, has been released in March 2020 in collaboration with Stroom and les albums claus.

Brussels-based composer evolving in drone music and modern classical, Otto Lindholm employs an array of loop pedals and electronic effects in partnership with his double bass to produce a range of rich and voluptuous tones, emotions, and elongated melodies. He released music on Icarus Records, Gizeh Records, Houndstooth, Blackest Ever Black, Aurora Borealis Recordings, Bedouin Records.