"Immaydey is the long-awaited debut album of Bande (meaning “bandit”, formed in 2012), one of the countless band projects of Mamer (IZ, Mekrop, Tat, 51 Rayon, Kunakar) but the only one among them that still performs with traditional Kazakh instruments. Bande is a three-piece band that builds up epic avant-rock soundscapes by distorting the sounds of traditional Kazakh instruments - dombra, kobyz and Sámi drum - with dazzling effects pedals. On stage, the members often turn up with masks and black robes as though performing a mystical ritual. Immaydey, the Umay Goddess, is the goddess of fertility and virginity in Turkic mythology, regarded as the eternal Earth Mother with mystic, almighty power. An ecstatic ritual, an epic riddle, and a psychedelic labyrinth, the album is a true milestone of Mamer’s decade-long battle with his own music traditions."


Zhang Dong / sámi drum, bells 

Mamer / all music, lyrics, vocal, dombra, kobyz 


Modern Sky World Music (MW-011) October 2019

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  

1.The Drums Like Thunder (鼓声如雷/Salder Guldir)
2.Machine (机器/Machine)
3.Sorcerer's Dance Ⅰ (驱1/Kager Biyi 1)
4.Sorcerer's Dance Ⅱ (驱2/Kager Biyi 2)
5.Swoon (昏谜/Taleksew)
6.Umay Goddess (乌麦女神/Immaydey)
7.Estesbas (伊斯特巴斯/Estesbas)
8.Dimqa (定姆洽/Dimqa)
9. Summons of the Soul (回来/Kaytep kel)
10.Up (存在/Tur)