Aurelia Guo – World of Interiors

In World of Interiors I use collage and appropriation to destabilise the first-person ‘I’. I also write directly about the inescapable condition of being perceived and positioned by other people. Our lives take place in time and space, meaning in history and geography, as well as in relation to one another – not just interpersonally, but intergenerationally, with all the baggage of race, class, gender and nation that this implies. I write about economic cycles of wealth and poverty at the levels of the individual, group and state. The book is about travel and immigration: migrants, tourists and refugees. It is about the work of survival and the cost of survival. It is also a hopeful book – about how strong and indomitable the will can be.

Aurelia Guo is a writer and researcher based in London. She is a lecturer in law at London South Bank University.


"Tracing the borders between essay and poem, quotation and the fragment, Aurelia Guo’s writing circles and contradicts narratives of power. Her close readings of contested histories, abject biographies and her own experiences of migration and displacement transfix and unsettle. This book is mesmerising." - Natasha Soobramanien

"An uncategorisable writer … intimate, impersonal, visionary and pitiless." Sam Riviere


2 b&w illustrations
21.6 x 13.9 cm
138 p.