ACID BARF – Astral Social Club

Neil Campbell - one of the key figures in British experimental and underground music culture over the last 3 decades - treats us to a new set of acid-inflected jams; both a rarity under his 'Astral Social Club' alias and an aural harbinger for the future of the project. Made by throwing live electronic jams against a wall, seeing what sticks and sculpting from there in, Neil loses none of the turbulent energy at the heart of what he does. Like a machine malfunctioning at malignant speed, he re-ordains the language of acid house to his punk, noise and 60s pop upbringing in Corby (Northamptonshire), kicking out the jams with break-neck tempo. Towards the end of proceedings we hear sounds recorded in an abandoned warehouse within walking distance of his house (pictured on the album cover). The haunting of past raves, the rebellious graffiti on the walls and the possibility of mischievous exploration therein is lifted from the rubble and pierced into the present.


Astral Social Club (Neil Campbell) - electronics, mixing & mastering


Artwork design by Oliver Barrett.

1 - ACID BARF (46:45)

Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell has been active on the lunatic fringe of underground music since at least 1979. In that time he has performed and recorded widely as solo performer, ad hoc collaborator and core member of groups such as Vibracathedral Orchestra, A Band and Astral Social Club. His collaborations are myriad, including Richard Youngs, Campbell Kneale, High Wolf, Grumbling Fur, John Clyde-Evans, Filthy Turd, Oren Ambarchi, Ashtray Navigations, Spider Stacy, David Larcher, Blood Stereo, John Olson and Matthew Bower. Writers have described him variously as "a one-man subculture", a "grandfather figure" with "hallucinogenically inclined pallet". Neil shares his birthday with Grace Jones, Malcolm X, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and Joey Ramone - LOOKOUT!