in front of – Akhira Sano

A collection of beautifully realised pieces from Tokyo-based sonic artist, Akhira Sano, whose work focuses on the imperfections and irregularities of form and sound.

Across the album's eight tracks, clusters of notes gradually emerge and unfold in a way that appears minimal at first but soon becomes totally enveloping - it quickly becomes clear that the space left between the notes is perfectly shaped for the listener themself. It could be the time of year in which this album is being released, but there's a cozy glow to in front of's sound world that almost requires you to stop what you're doing and curl up inside it.

This is a not an album which calls attention to itself, rather it draws the listener in through the understated intimacy of each composition - there’s a power in a fragility which is offered up so unselfconsciously. Nothing is hurried here, Sano gives each note its own time and space in which to emerge and the result is a soft, crepuscular, sonic blanket in which to wrap yourself in completely.


All tracks written and recorded by Akhira Sano
Mastered by Oli Barrett
Cover design by Oli Barrett

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. keep making selects - 5.59
2. suggest - 6.37
3. please put - 5.45
4. asleep - 4.47
5. just natural - 4.26
6. en - 5.17
7. two-way relationship only - 5.22
8. prose - 5.14

Akhira Sano

Based in Tokyo and focusing on the imperfections and irregularities of form and sound, Sano creates, observes, records, and extends them through drawing, graphics, installation, videography, and music composition.

His major works include Penetrating, For Filtration (Important Records, 2019), Particle Dialogue – Observation and Recording (The Trilogy Tapes, 2022), Shadow’s Praise (IIKKI, 2023), and major solo exhibitions including Perspectives of Possibility (FAITH, 2021) and mē on – Seeing the Absent (TOH, 2022).