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Aisha Orazbayeva – Slow Change

"Recorded over three separate afternoons. 

Paper is a latest piece in my series for “prepared” violin. This one uses paper weaved across the strings, the resulting sound is that of a woodwind instrument (I hope). It is then improvised.

Orlando GibbonsFantasia IV- I first played these Fantasias in 2011 for F-IRE Klang Codex concert series run by Lucy Railton and Fred Thomas. Around the same time I began performing at Oto in Lucy’s Kammer Klang and in some way I will always associate the Gibbons Fantasias for Treble Viols with Lucy and the early days at Cafe Oto. 

Slow Changeis a process piece, a journey of the bow going across the string from the bridge to the end of the fingerboard, the sound is slowly changing, other strings get involved as the bow gets higher on the fingerboard. "

- Aisha Orazbayeva


Aisha Orazbayeva - violin, preparations, recording, mixing


Artwork design by Oliver Barrett


1. Paper (7:44)

2. Orlando Gibbons Fantasia IV for 2 treble viols (3:22)

3. Slow Change (14:02)

Aisha Orazbayeva

Aisha Orazbayeva is a London-based violinist and composer. She has released three critically acclaimed solo albums with music ranging from her own compositions to Telemann and Sciarrino. Recent performances include Kazakh premiere of Bartok’s 2nd violin concerto with the Kazakh symphony orchestra, audio-visual installation with Lilly Wittenburg at Ausland Berlin, lecture-recital at Reykjavik’s Art Academy, recital at Sound Live Tokyo Festival and the Gagosian Gallery London as part of Richard Serra’s exhibition.

Aisha’s collaboration with Tim Etchells in the form of violin and spoken word improvisation has led to radio broadcasts, release of their vinyl EP and international performances. Orazbayeva has also created music for dance, theatre and film.

Recent releases include Morton Feldman’s Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello on Another Timbre and John Cage’s Two4 for violin and sho on SN Variations.

Aisha is a member of ensembles Plus-Minus and Apartment House in London.