Through the cracks – Adam Matschulat

London-based Brazilian artist Adam Matschulat uses his deft approach to musique concrete & electronic minimalism to carve a space of being: a sonic domain that comes to terms with entangled interior and exterior worlds.

Both a meditation on time and upheaval, opening piece 'Through the cracks' begins with an overwhelming wall of opaque noise, before entering a wistful journey. Adam delicately renders his narrative in dream time, floating between ruminating keyboard motifs, tumbling aquatic sound worlds, the clatter of footsteps, the turning of a page, a tape player switching on and off...

On FFFF, he teams up with experimental drums/sax duo @xcrswx, who lend their tilted playing to Adam's bed of thudding minimalist techno, creating waves of wiry static that seeth from the piece's airless inertia. The release is book-ended by a reworking of FFFF by Sunny Graves, who transmutes the piece, dipping it in a freezing cold bath of iterative industrial dread. Music that takes an aerial view of the city and zooms itself in, past the towering architecture and into the sounds that seep from hidden spaces.


Adam Matschulat - electronics, field recordings


Track 1 'Through the cracks'

Track 2 'FFFF' @xcrsw (Crystabel Riley & Seymour Wright)

Track 3 'FFFF' (Sunny Graves revision)


1 - Through the cracks [08:55]

2 - FFFF (feat @xcrswx) [06:10]

3 - FFFF (Sunny Graves Revision) [06:44]

Adam Matschulat

Adam Matschulat is a Brazilian composer, sound designer and engineer. His diverse output of sound works have included electroacoustic composition, musique concrete, field recording, and structural noise music. He composes through the exploration of psychological states, rendering sonic experiences that are psychological investigations in and of themselves. 

He has worked under a number of monikers, but his first EP under his own full name was released on Cafe OTO's TakuRoku label during lockdown. It was in part a collaboration with the duo @xcrsw (Seymour Wright and Crystobel Riley) and it was featured on Kate Carr’s Atmospheric Densities on Flaming Pines. He was awarded a residency at Snape Maltings through Britten Pears Arts (2023) and he has been commissioned by Edinburgh University to compose an electroacoustic piece for a project in collaboration with the science department in UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) as part of a research on dark matter observation (2022/2023). 

 He also ran the label Resterecords, on which he released electroacoustic composer Rocío Cano Valiño, computer musician Ain Bailey, among others. As well as his own projects, which include Matschulat, a vehicle with which he explored a noisier palette within the formal structures of musique concrete. His sound work has had international radio play on radio shows including NTS, Resonance Extra, LYL Radio in Switzerland, FADE radio in Athens, and others.