Sunday 23 September 2018, 2pm

叁乘叁:3 X 3 zerospace (Bill Thompson / Ian Stonehouse / Lucia H Chung) + Phil Maguire / David Bloor / Steph Horak + WANG Fujui / TZU NI / LTY – MATINEE

No Longer Available

Please note that this is a matinee performance – doors will open at 2pm and the show will start shortly after.

叁乘叁:3 X 3 features 3 trios sets from zerospace (Bill Thompson / Ian Stonehouse / Lucia H Chung), Phil Maguire / David Bloor / Steph Horak, and rare appearance of Fujui Wang, TZU NI and LTY from Taiwan.


The first time that zerospace performed together they were not zerospace. It was for Bill Thompson’s Shifting Currents installation/performance work at Goldsmith’s Phonography Colliquium in 2011. Chung was one of the performers (with Thompson and Claire M Singer) and Stonehouse was mixing. Years later, 7 to be exact, Thompson invited Chung and Stonehouse to perform in his concert series, Mercury Over Maps. Thompson sat in during their soundcheck and they realised there was the potential for a trio. This was eventually realised for Chung’s radio series We Are Happened and later at another Mercury Over Maps concert.

Phil Maguire

Phil Maguire is an experimental musician/improviser/sound artist making reductive music that explores emptiness and malfunction. Simplicity is at the core of his work. He uses cheap &home-made electronics, open source software, synthesis, and obsolete audio equipment to create sparse sonic environments for personal reflection. These are often very quiet; very loud; loud made quiet; quiet made loud. Phil runs verz, a label and series presenting quiet music and sound art.

David Bloor

David Bloor is an artist and musician interested in how people respond to limitations, each other and their environment. His work includes installation, performance and recordings under the name 'Dirch Blewn' with releases for labels 'Linear Obsessional', London and 'Game of Life', Athens and a forthcoming release on 'Soft Error'. He works with kinetic sculpture, analog assemblage, modular synthesisers and a self built, 63 channel, 8bit, surround sound, off grid recording studio which forms the basis of '24hr Community Composition' which will be at Sanctuary Lab 2017 in the Galloway Forest. He is currently an APT graduate studio award winner and co curating the APT summer exhibition - 'Touchstone'.

Steph Horak

Steph Horak improvises with different systems for processed voice, whether through the use of self-programmed software, or combinations of hardware and electronic instruments. These experiments can be found under the moniker SheIsRevolting. Recent sound projects include threehundredandsixtysix, vocal drone compositions made when Horak sang a note a day for a year. The recordings were released on cassette on the FractalMeat label.

Wang Fujui

As one of the pioneers of sound art in Taiwan, Wang Fujui founded NOISE, the Taiwan’s first independent record label and ‘zine focusing on experimental sound in 1993. In 2000, Wang joined ETAT Lab, and initiated BIAS Sound Art Exhibition and Sound Art Prize in the Digital Art Awards Taipei. Over the last decade, while continuing his practice in sound and digital art creation, he has also been leading the new generation of young digital artists in Taiwan through his public programmes. Since 2008, Wang has been curating the annual Digital Art Festival Taipei and TranSonic Sound Art Festival.

Tzu Ni

Space and sound, sound and body, body and machine, machine and ritual, ritual and poetry, poetry and space. In a social landscape filled to the brim with busy work, Hung Tzu-Ni seeks to create a setting or an environment where a listener or viewer might enter into a dream state, momentarily isolated from the outer world, and in that space be able to more intensely perceive one’s frame of mind & body.


LAI,Tsung-Yun, a young artist with industrial design background, is a grad student in Department of New Media Art,Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently, he is one of the curators of Lacking Sound Festival.The artist began with audiovisual works that examine the meaning of life. His recent works center around production and consumption in a capitalist society, and hopes to create a new mode of reproduction through reversing the relationship between producers and consumers.