Friday 18 August 2023, 7.30pm

YOUTH @ OTO Tadleeh (live) + Fumu (live) + Sockethead presents 'AVALANCHE' & DJ Lyster

No Longer Available


Hazina, under the name of Tadleeh, is an Italian based musician, producer as well as a dj from several years. Previously involved on Milan Haunter Records label for which she published the single “Ruba Meta” on “forever” compilation. In 2019 she released her first Ep on Yegorka (Berlin) “Ego Will Collapse”, followed by the “1year Remix pack” digital release with the participation of CRYSTALLMESS and Slikback (Yegorka, 2020). In 2023 she returns with a new Ep “Dribbling” released on NKISI’s label INITIATION. Tadleeh will perform live on the night.

Sockethead presents AVALANCHE

Sockethead presents AVALANCHE: a sonic exploration into tainted memory and the evolving narratives that meander between a fragile family unit. The photographs melt into fading as time carries each family member into (inter)dependency. Intended as a score for a film not yet realized, AVALANCHE soundtracks three scenes of domestic desperation, of night cooing, of bruised tyres crunching over a driveway wrapped in porcelain, and an empty stage - Love & Hate.

Sockethead uses sound in an attempt to archive experiences over there - in the deep, murky blue, where they never stay still. His work is rooted in an infancy of religion and lifts from the formal elements of image making into a referential sonic space.

AVALANCHE is a project directed by Sockethead with key contributors & co-writers including Sean Traynor, Josh Horsley, Luke Foreman & Ed Cooper."


FUMUs sonic cave initiaties a semi-modular system focusing on a plug and play, improvisational ethos, generating warehouse-esque bleeps and riddim. Whilst vocalising semantic scribbles, spanning an expanse of tempos ranging from the sedate 30 to the frenetic 300, where rhythms turn to tones, capturing a time and place that will seldom be recreated.

DJ Lyster

DJ Lyster will join the dots on the night playing new, old & unreleased music from the label & further afield.