Friday 28 February 2020, 7pm

Young Echo Residency: O$VMV$M + Manonmars + E B U + Ossia + Kahn + Ishan Sound

No Longer Available

“Young Echo doesn’t so much blur the lines as explode the idea of genre itself.” – Crack

Very excited to host a two-day takeover from the 12-strong, Bristol-based collective of producers and vocalists, Young Echo.

As a group, extended radio submissions, prolonged studio sessions and notorious club nights make up the cogs of time. Over the course of these years, the network has grown continually, both as one, and with singular, multi-directional paths from each of the 12 artists that make up the Young Echo collective, counting Jabu, Vessel, Kahn, Neek, Ishan Sound, Ossia, Manonmars, Bogues, Rider Shafique, Chester Giles, Sunnun and Jasmine towards the crew, with projects such as Bandulu, FuckPunk, O$VMV$M, Gorgon Sound and ASDA adding to the table in their individual ways.

Detuned soundsystem stylings, love songs swaying in hacked up ambience, skeletal dancehall, microphone technique, dread electronics, outsider pop, Young Echo manifest the outcome of the shapeshifting anarchy which rears its head when no one idea can rule, embracing the diversities when one path must be made up of many


Manonmars is a uniquely forboding and glacial enterprise. O$VMV$M supply sparse, rugged beats and atmospheres that work like stage ornamentation to ‘Mars’ bars, which range from drowsy rants to urgent ambient expressions and bedroom isolationism.


'Celebrating otherness, E B U paints strange narratives through her distinct sound and charged performance. Drawn to the darker sides of humanity, her debut album ‘Hinge’ (NoCorner) is a study into human behaviour and existence through an unfiltered lens. Unnatural pitches exhale in melodic chants, ominous bass lines resound and eerie loops fixate in this macabre ensemble. You are captive in her world.'


‘Ossia's sound world is an amalgamation of heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil soundsystem poetics, channelling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent and raw-nerved and space-time-warping.’


kahn is probably best known for his work alongside grime sparring partner dj neek, however he has a long held interest in various forms of music from medieval choral music through to post punk and ebm. these have been explored on monthly noods radio show ‘mausoleum’ as well running a club night of the same name. leave your TNs at home and wear you best chainmail tabard.


Ishan Sound plays dubplate packed, energy driven sets. Whether strictly heavyweight 140 or a wider tempo range blend of steppers and dub, its music built for soundsystem. Ishan Sound is based in the U.K. and is embedded in Bristol’s music community as a founding member of Young Echo and regularly releasing on Tectonic, Peng Sound and Hotline Record labels. Performances feature some of the most anticipated and exclusive dubs on the scene along with many of Ishan’s low-end-focused melody-rich productions


O$VMV$M is a duo made up of Dj Neek & Amos Childs (of Jabu), together they make sample based music woven together from B-movie horror films, old jungle/hardcore tapes and found/recorded sound. Heavily inspired by dub and its process of subtraction they often work backwards and strip away and warp elements until the original source material is barely recognisable. They have also worked with various vocalists and artists including Rider Shafique, Franco Franco, and producing Manonmars' latest album on Young Echo Records.

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