Thursday 7 July 2016, 8pm


No Longer Available

Supersonic zeitgeisters Apartment House celebrate the end of their 20th Year with a typically eclectic programme featuring composer Vitalija Glovackyte’s Sound and Music Embedded commission We Are For A While. Created from the recycled debris of found instruments and lo-fi technology, combined with pre-existing material from 20 composers/performers, this sprawling new work is all bound together with live lighting created by the experimental visual artist Sarah Hill. The other works in the programme feature composers Gavin Bryars, Perotin the Great, Joseph Kudirka and Amnon Wolman, fusing weird takes on 12th century French polyphony, the psychology of toys, 21st century music and the deprived gorgeousness of listening to pop songs.

Vitalija Glovackyte

We are for a while is a 50 minute work for 4 performers, live electronics and lights, created as part of an 18 month residency with the London based experimental music group Apartment House.

Using as its starting point the concept and process of ‘recycling', much of the performers’ actions consist of using, dismantling, reconstructing and reusing found objects, broken instruments and lo-fi technology, accumulated from recycling centres, derelict buildings, skips, beaches, alleyways and other strange places over the course of one year. Expanding on the theme, pre-existing music from more than 20 composers, sound artists and performers especially donated for this project will be ‘recycled’ and re-contextualised within this new work, all bound together by live lighting created with Michael Cutting and Sarah Hill. We Are For A While was commissioned through the Sound and Music’s Embedded Residency scheme.