Friday 8 May 2015, 8pm

UIQ Presents: Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth (LIVE A/V) + N1L (LIVE) + Yutaka Makino (LIVE)

No Longer Available

Great international line-up curated by Lee Gamble featuring Japanese artist Yutaka Makino, Riga-based electronic musician N1L, and Gamble's own live AV collaboration with Dave Gaskarth.

Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth

“Employing Lee's sonic explorations in deconstruction, hallucination & memory this ‚oneiric' live A/V show explores an abstract narrative where future, past and imaginary spaces are created. Perspective deformed into apparition, hallucinogenic space made actual. Imagined worlds appear and disintegrate into pure form. A hyperreality for illusory soundscapes.”


56.9489° N, 24.1064° E

Riga-based artist Mãrtiņš Roķis has been experimenting with electronic music since the late 1990s. As N1L, he explores electronic club music culture in the broadest sense of the term. Less concerned with formal or conceptual aspects in this project, Roķis prioritizes the production of pulsating textural sound (e)scapes shaped by both nostalgia and futuristic leanings.

N1L's 'Wrong Headspace EP' is released on Lee Gamble's UIQ label this summer.

Yutaka Makino

Yutaka Makino was born in Tochigi. In 2010 was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program in the field of music. He studied environmental science in Japan, visual arts in the USA, and computer music in the USA and Europe.

The artistic situations created by Yutaka Makino can best be understood as integrated states at the crossroads between art, music, philosophy, perception, and science. Each of these aspects generates an access point to works that usually take the form of installations or performances. Intellectual understanding is coupled here with the viewer’s perceptual and physical interaction with the created environments. Situations are based on a specific concept and limited to a specific scenario conjured using concise and reduced means.

On the basis of research into areas such as phenomenology, experimental psychology, psycho/acoustics, social sciences and system theory, Makino probes the processes of perception in experimental setups. His performances and installations provide visually and acoustically conditioned environments that make different modes of perception tangible to the perceivers and provoke reflection on the acts of perception.

Last month seen Yutaka's 'Relational Conditions' monograph published. The texts in the catalog track various links between his artistic work and general discourses on perception and spatial aesthetics and presents the first comprehensive overview of his work 2010 – 2014.