2–3 February 2024

The Death of Rave – Two-Day ResidencyMark Fell + Ronce + Rian Treanor + Roc (EVOL) + Beatrice Dillon + more

No Longer Available
No Longer Available

Record label, The Death of Rave, is a division of Manchester-based online record shotters, Boomkat.com. Named after V/Vm’s 2006 elegy to the extinguished energy of original, ‘90s Northern rave music, the label began in 2012 with a vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to Mark Leckey’s cult video collage ‘Fiorucci Made Hardcore’. It has since issued over 40 divergent releases by a mix of contemporary English artists (Teresa Winter, Rian Treanor, Sam Kidel, Croww) and dare-to-differ innovators across the world (Wold/Black Mecha, Oï les Ox, Christian Love Forum, H-Fusion, NYZ, Gábor Lázár) that imply a shared energy between a modern subcultural rhizome .

The label marks a dozen years of guess-again releases with a two-night residency at Cafe OTO. Friday night features a video work by ingenious, multi-disciplinary artist, Mark Fell, plus Rian Treanor with Rotherham Sight & Sound (RSS) - a blind and visually impaired group playing custom drum machine software - and a live performance by Japanese environmental ambient mutator, Nozomu Matsumoto, soundtracked in-between by Beatrice Dillon b2b Conor Thomas. Saturday night presents the inimitable “feral gore ASMR trauma music” of French artist, Ronce, alongside the first presentation of ‘Makina Trax 2013-2023’ by Roc (EVOL), and culminates with a showcase of new work by Croydon’s queer concrète-rave dandy, Dale Cornish.


- Rian Treanor w/ Rotherham Sight & Sound (live)
- Mark Fell (video screening)
- Nozomu Matsumoto (live)
- Beatrice Dillon & Conor Thomas DJ


- Roc’s Makina Trax (debut solo live)
- Dale Cornish (live)
- Ronce (live)
- Conor Thomas DJ