Thursday 24 September 2015, 8pm

Terre Thaemlitz: Secrecy Wave Manifesto

No Longer Available

Cafe OTO presents and evening of talk, video and audio with Terre Thaemlitz. The evening will begin with a multi-media reading of "Naisho Wave Manifesto" ("Secrecy Wave Manifesto"), which Thaemlitz produced for the first issue of the Japanese culture journal Farben, released in June 2014. Thaemlitz discusses the historic and strategic deployment of silence and closets. In particular, she addresses the problematic repercussions of the online digital distribution of critical cultural work, and demonstrates how the logic of hegemonic Internet platforms runs counter to the social dynamics of minor communities and subcultures. This will be followed by discussion with the audience. The evening will continue with Thaemlitz mixing a variety of ambient audio, video and conversation.

“Transgendered performer, legendary House DJ, artistic intellectual and creator of a number of celebrated classic releases, Thaemlitz is easily amongst the most interesting and bravest of contemporary musicians and for that reason an asset to any artistic movement.” – Halcyonline - Albert Freeman, on Terre Thaemlitz's performance of "Soulnessless" at Issue Project Room in June 2011.