Tuesday 9 May 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Sebastien Rieussec


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"It isn't easy following in the steps of Tinariwen, but Tamikrest are the brightest young contenders among the new Tamashek-speaking desert blues bands." – The Guardian

"The relentless desert rock trance offers a hopeful message during hard times... A spiritual journey into the darkest corners of what life can present." - The Quietus

Ever since the release of their first album, ‘Adagh’, in 2009, Tamikrest have been regarded as the spearhead of the new Tuareg generation; these legitimate heirs of Tinariwen have long been opening up new paths between desert blues and Western rock.

All around Kidal, the Malian desert stretches in every direction. Endless horizons of rock and sand, barren and parched. This is the southwestern edge of the Sahara, the home of the Tuareg people, and the town of Kidal is one of their main cultural centres. Fought over, conquered and re-conquered, it remains the symbol of Tuareg defiance and hope, the spiritual home of a dispossessed people.