11–13 October 2024

Baba Yaga's Hut: Sunburned Hand of the Man – Three-Day Residency

£50 (DICE)
£22 £20 (DICE)
£22 £20 (DICE)
£22 £20 (DICE)

Sunburned Hand of the Man (aka "Sunburned") are a loose knit gang of musical artists born in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded as a way to let off steam from years of obsessive weirdo record collecting and perversely decoding the hand jive of wanton talents from the psychedelic and punk rock hardcore scenes in the Boston zone, Sunburned was born to be awesome. The nucleus, [now based in the Pioneer Valley] of the group is a small ragtag contingent of fascinants completely focused on the idea of spontaneous composition within the framework of religious experience: the rock n roll EVENT.

Taking it to the stars to see where exactly the light comes from then surfing that beam straight to the O-mind where the kick drum becomes it's own sentient nature's heartbeat. Through the years many a legend has passed time dusting their select broom in the delectable maelstrom grooves brought forth by the Sunburned van. They eat the road UP and leave the stage in ashes. Warriors, lovers - they get it "on". – Thurston Moore