Monday 4 March 2019, 7.30pm

Photo by Laura Fusato

Sudden Infant + Ricardo Dias Gomes + Circuit Breaker

No Longer Available

Joke Lanz / vocals, electronics
Christian Weber / bass
Alexandre Babel / drums

“Sudden Infant go all the way. Nothing is held back.” – Keith Moline, The WIRE

“One of Europe's finest Noise provocateurs!” – Matthew Kosloff, Skyscraper Magazine

Sudden Infant

After 25 years of extensive solo works and collaborations throughout the Noise, Industrial and Experimental scene, Sudden Infant is now operating as a three-piece band with Joke Lanz on electronics & vocals, Christian Weber on bass and Alexandre Babel on drums.

The international acclaimed noise project has transformed into a Dada-Punk-Noise-Rock trio. Their first band-album „Wölfli’s Nightmare“ in 2014 was produced by Roli Mosimann (Swans, Wiseblood). In the past Sudden Infant toured with Sleaford Mods and played alongside Wolf Eyes, Ben Frost, Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore, Steve Ignorant, just to name a few.

The brand new 2018 album „Buddhist Nihilism“ was just released by Harbinger Sound UK. It was mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert (Radian) in his Vienna studio and very well received by critics and audiences.

"It’s a fucking tight unit operating in the realms between pure magic and chemistry!" - Richard Johnson / Adverse Effect Magazine

"That Cat Stevens cover is a defining moment with Lanz deconstructing Stevens original delivering the vocals like a maniac, Weber and Babel going at it like an improv duo with a seven second snippet of the original at its end just to remind you of what it once sounded like." - Mark Wharton / Idwal Fisher

"Buddhist Nihilism, the new Sudden Infant album is a real fistful of sturm und drang, a real departure for the band. The new record leaves some of the noise and industrial elements behind and sees the band streamlining its approach. The barebones, minimal throb recalls fellow travelers The Ex and Suicide, with your somewhat unstable downstairs neighbor screaming at the daily horrors flashing on the television screen." - Daniel Blumin / WFMU

Ricardo Dias Gomes

A respected innovator on the Rio de Janeiro music scene since the mid 90s, Gomes is best known for his work on the trio of critically-acclaimed albums Caetano Veloso released in the late 00s: Cê (2006), Zii and Zie (2009) and Abraçaço (2012). Playing bass on these modern milestones in post-Tropicalia, and subsequently touring the world with Veloso, inspired Gomes to record his debut album -11, released in 2015.

On -11 Gomes played all the instruments himself and relied solely on his instincts in terms of the direction to take: The Wire praised the album saying it “recalls other rough and ready highly personal solo debut albums by Laetitia Sadier and Money Mark” whilst the Chicago Reader fell for it’s “weirdly hermetic sound world, alternating between tender, introspective ballads, rude electronic grooves, and dissonant ambience”.

Gomes now lives in Lisbon and recently released the mini-album Aa - featuring Arto Lindsay - via SDZ records in Europe and Kill Shaman in North America. Already engaged in composing new material Gomes is putting to proof the new findings in his live performances.

Circuit Breaker

London duo Circuit Breaker is the long running project of brothers Edward and Peter Simpson. Their music draws on minimal-synth ,post-punk and dark-wave, mixing heavy and angular guitar work with glitchy and textural electronics.

The band have released two albums on legendary noise label Harbinger Sound, as well as two earlier EPs on Tombed Visions. They have toured all over the U.K and Europe with acts including Sleaford Mods and Consumer Electronics, as well as having recently supported artists such as Martin Rev, Ice Age and Uniform. A recorded collaboration with Russell Haswell is forthcoming.

“Driven along by the guitar and querulous alienated outsider vocals of Peter Simpson and perilously assisted and/or interfered with by all manner of analogue ramalama, these uncontrollable gremlins in Circuit Breaker’s machine – those elements that most musicians would seek to extinguish – are the very elements that make this band” - Julian Cope