Friday 19 February 2016, 8pm

South Kiosk & Where to Now present: Verity Birt x U + Salvatore Arancio x R. Elizabeth + Austin Charles Williams x Richard Forbes Hamilton

No Longer Available

South Kiosk and Where To Now present Teleonomy, an evening of one-off, collaborative AV performances by artists and musicians.

South Kiosk is a London based gallery, founded in January 2013. It focuses on the work of artists that recuperate dead or dying technological formats and those who build new platforms for the production and display of works of art, offering a commentary on the impact of technological advancement and that which is left behind.

Where to Now? is a London/Brighton based record label that has been releasing music since 2011. It has been a home to music from Beatrice Dillon, Tom James Scott, Helm, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, and many others. It seeks to straddle and blur the lines between couch-listening head sounds and club focused body music.

Verity Birt x U

Verity Birt and U’s collaboration, Rites of The Zeigeber, will utilise monolithic CRT totems to demonstrate the meeting of past durations with infinite future vacuums.

Salvatore Arancio x R. Elizabeth

Found footage of experiments concerning the reactions of plants and animals will be reinterpreted and transformed by Salvatore Arancio’s digital manipulations and R Elizabeth’s tape-loops and field recordings.

Austin Charles Williams x Richard Forbes Hamilton

Austin Charles Williams and Richard Forbes-Hamilton will investigate notions of love and desire through an improvised, live interpretation of each others’ work.

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