10–11 September 2016, 11am–1pm, OTO Project Space

SoundHoppers workshop – Wajid Yaseen and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord)

No Longer Available

SoundHoppers sessions encourage children to engage in a deep sound experience through various listening and sound generation exercises that are used as a playful means to explore various aspects of sound – be it proximity (i.e. how far or close a sound is), timbre (i.e. the tonality and type of sound), or volume (i.e. how loud or quiet a sound is).

Children are encouraged to explore and play with specially constructed “Sound boxes” – resonant chambers containing a variety of found objects that can be used to create a variety of sound textures, and are given access to a range of micro synths and sound transducers allowing them to explore the way sound travels through various materials.

The aim of the sessions is to encourage a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity focussing on the wider creative possibilities with the medium of sound, without the formalities of traditional musical language.


Sat 10 + Sun 11 September • 11am–1pm approx

The workshop is FREE but all attendees need to register via hello@soundhoppers.com

SoundHoppers is facilitated by Wajid Yaseen and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord), an artist and curator duo both specialising in sound art and musical practices, who are passionate about creative engagement and education through sound and play.

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