Thursday 15 December 2016, 8pm

Happened presents SM-­LL label event: Adam Asnan + Ex Geo + Pokk! + Yves De Mey (SM-­LL guest) + Stray Landings (DJ)

No Longer Available

SM-­LL returns to Cafe OTO for its second label event with its new artists Adam Asnan and Ex Geo, alongside with label owner Pokk!, and friend Yves De Mey. Guest Stray Landings is invited to curate electronic music and sound to frame the SM­-LL label event.

SM-­LL is London­-based independent label that promotes music creation with an approach of Repetition, Reference, Reduction. Repetition lends SM-LL an attention to the elements and points in rhythm. Reduction equips SM­-LL with a device to turn away from the accumulation of mass and focus on fundamentals in sound, and reference positions the label in deliberate proximity to certain music style, genre and category.

Now going into its 4th year, SM-­LL has slowly established its reputation through numerous digital (Default) and ultra­limited vinyl (Batch) releases. SM-­LL continues to operate around core values: small tokens of exchange, mutual respect, a passion for music and ultimately creating and releasing music for the right reasons.

“SM­-LL is beautiful for its uniformity, as pristine and exact in visual aesthetic as the minimalist electronic sculptures that often reside within.” – ATTN:Magazine

SM-­LL label event is organised by Happened

Adam Asnan

Adam Asnan (London, UK) is an electroacoustic musician and location sound recordist, based in Berlin.

Ex Geo

Ex Geo is an alias of Jimmy Billingham (HOLOVR), exploring repetition, nonlinear rhythm and random variation through digital modular synthesis. Ex Geo has previously released on Indole Records and forthcoming BATCH release on SM­-LL.


Apart from running and releasing music on his own label SM-­LL, Pokk! has also released with SonuoS (2013), An Epic (2014), and previously with Dragon’s Eye Recording (2011) as half of minimal electronic duo Mimosa Moize with his wife Lucia H Chung. Pokk! also records under projects including Typeface and Reloc, a new collaborative project with Chung.

Yves Des Mey

Antwerp­-based producer Yves De Mey has his roots in sound design and scoring for performing arts, film and installations. He released on Line, Sandwell District, Opal Tapes, Entr’acte and Modal Analysis. De Mey is also one half of Sendai, his long­running project with Peter Van Hoesen. His main tools are an ever­growing modular analog rig and some vintage synths, combined with an avid interest in audio manipulation.

Stray Landings , DJ SET

Stray Landings is an online music publication, specialising in underground experimental electronic music.