1–2 February 2022

Simon H Fell: A Celebration – with Alan Wilkinson / Alex Ward / John Edwards / Sarah Gail Brand / Mark Wastell / Steve Noble / Jo Fell / Steve Beresford / Rachel Musson / more

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'A More Attractive Way of Getting Things Done'

British bassist, improviser, composer and label founder Simon H Fell died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 61 from cancer in June 2020. It sent shock waves and great sorrow through a large community of musicians and others who had, in their own ways, been touched by his incredible generosity of spirit, passion and sheer joy at the prospect of making music. 

Whether improvising or playing in a multitude of genres from avant-garde composition, to classical, jazz, trad jazz and pop, he brought flair, rigour, and mischievousness to his virtuosic playing treating each with equal respect. Every form and person had their worth.

His lifelong and probably major aim was to bring all of these strands into a glorious whole through his compositions for ensembles of all sizes, always with room for improvisation; the pre-ordained alongside the spontaneous. 

With credits on no less than 285 recordings, many on his Bruce's Fingers label which he started in 1983, his collaborators are too numerous to name. One worth mentioning, however, is Derek Bailey with whom he not only played, but, at the time of his death, was painstakingly collating Derek's archive, travelling from his home in France to Huddersfield to do so.

Originally scheduled to take place a year ago these 2 nights are a way of saying thank you and farewell to a great friend and colleague, and to give back, give out and celebrate some of his joy and generosity.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales are being donated to Simon’s widow Jo Fell to distribute between her chosen charities. All the musicians are giving their time freely to this nobel cause.

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