Wednesday 29 June 2016, 8pm

Photo by Marco Caccialupi

Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker duo

No Longer Available

For more than 10 years Silvia Tarozzi violin and Deborah Walker cello have been exploring together musical forms on the borderline between composition and improvisation. Their music requires intense listening, exploration of gesture, search for new expressive possibilities. They first met in 2003 in Reggio Emilia at an improvisation master class with Vincent Courtois and Joelle Léandre. Initially they worked together under the guidance of the violinist Enzo Porta at Modena Conservatory and then in Paris, alternating the study of contemporary music with new experiences and interactions in the French experimental scene. Since 2007 they have been part of the Dedalus ensemble collaborating, among others, with Tom Johnson, Jurg Frey, Christian Wolff, Tim Parkinson, and Philip Corner. Since 2008, Silvia and Deborah have worked regularly with Pascale Criton, a composer involved in microtonal experimentation and the use of various scordaturas with micro-intervals. Since 2010 they have also collaborated with Eliane Radigue in compositions for solo instruments, duos, trios and quartets in her recent project Occam Ocean.


- Philip Corner - wHoly Trinitie (2015)
- Philip Corner - Two part Monologue #1, #3 (1958)
- Sebastien Roux - Inevitable Music #5, translation 6 : all 2 part cormbinations between a stable pitch, an ascending pitch, a descending pitch, in continous, pulsed and vibrato forms (2016)
- Tim Parkinson - Duet for Silvia & Deborah (2015)
- Cassandra Miller - new piece for violin (2016)
- Malcolm Goldstein - Two seeking song, listening (2014)
- Trad. italian songs arranged by D.Walker and S.Tarozzi - Songs of war, work and love (2014 - 2016).