Sunday 8 December 2019, 7.30pm

Secluded Bronte + Shadow Justice Crew + Perfect Vacuum

No Longer Available

Secluded Bronte's music is easy to describe. It is heterogenous and inclusive, but pinning it down to a genre is not easy. Then again, why would anyone bother to do that? Nonetheless, this elusive quality is why artists as diverse as Conrad Veidt, Trevor Eve, Tricky, Roger Livesey, The Mothers' Union, Mica Levi, Felix Kubin, DJ Premier, Kim Philby, JPEG Mafia, and The Necks regard them so highly. Fresh from touring Germany, Secluded Bronte perform material from a new single on Felix Kubin's Apolkalypso label and their new album Magnetic Crochet, released by Bear Town Records and the Welsh private press Ffordd Allan. Forthcoming is an album on Otoroku. Writing for The Wire Magazine, Robert Barry had a bash at describing the experience of listening to their music. "Everything is at once familiar and strange. A delirious, weird and unique world which is always fascinating, occasionally hilarious and frequently spellbinding."

Shadow Justice Crew

DJ 5'4" and Larry Foster deliver the freshest beats, dopest rhymes, unstoppable bass circa ‘83-93. From LA, NYC and Miami to London, expect un-cut/un-censored dope stuff: Rapps/Boogie/Electro/Vocoder/Bass and... For the lovers out there, sensual R&B that will make even the haters wanna Funk.

Perfect Vacuum

Dig into Perfect Vacuum’s bleating core and you’ll quickly trip over the slumbering forms of vocalist Dave Marsh and guitarist Lukas Simonis.

Lukas has for years formed the epicentre of the Rotterdam music scene. He has been bang at it since the late '70s in a progression of creative events that includes writing and publishing poetry; programming avant-garde music and film events; working as a musician, composer, radio artist and soloist. His countless projects defy enumeration - but let’s have a go anyway: Dull Schicksal, Morzelpronk, Trespassers W, Aa Kismet, Vril (with Bob Drake and Chris Cutler), Static Tics, Coolhaven, Stepmother (with Bill Gilonis), Ig Witzelsucht, Ornament and Crime Arkestra. He has collaborated with such luminaries as Pierre Bastien, Anne La Berge, The Bohman Brothers, Nina Hitz, Ingeborg Muller, DJ Bobo, Takayuki Kawabata, Ivan Palacky, folk legend Peter Spampfel, Zooty ‘Re’ Peeters, Goh Lee Kwang.

Dave Marsh is the bipolar opposite. He does very little. He works in a garage serving tepid tasteless coffee and enjoys watching customers faces curl with disgust the moment they taste the crap. Lukas has somehow found an occasional way to get Dave off his arse and in front of a microphone. Perhaps he sprinkles itching powder onto Dave’s comfy Tibetan cushions.

Earlier this year, Lukas tricked Dave into entering the Worm recording studio, an electronic palace packed with antique synthesisers such as the ARP 2600, EMS Putney and the PAIA Proteus. The results, songs with the power to inspire imprisoned pandas to mate behind cruel metal zoo bars, have just been released on sleek 12” vinyl by Wim Dekker’s Blowpipe label.

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