Tuesday 22 January 2019, 7.30pm

Photo by Andreas Ulvo

Sarah-Jane Summers - Kalopsia (album release show) + Jak Wood

No Longer Available

kalopsia - the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are

The extremes of expression and sound on viola and Hardanger fiddle are explored by Sarah-Jane on her latest album Kalopsia, which follows on from her highly successful album of improvisations, VIRR, Fiona Talkington’s Album of the Year 2017, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3.

“a howling gale, brilliantly evoked” (The Wire)

The music utilises a vast range of contemporary and extended violin techniques to create sonic portraits of a truly unique and independent artist with a deep passion for sound in and of itself.

Sarah-Jane is fascinated by the point where sound feels like it is starting to disintegrate, by its vulnerability and by the surprising strength within the vulnerability.

To her, kalopsia represents the confusion that arises when contemplating beauty. We think we understand what it is, but it of course has no inherent meaning. Beauty – just like how we listen - is so subjective.

"dazzling folk virtuoso" (The Strad)

A free-thinking, versatile and impassioned performer, Sarah-Jane is also a composer and is a tradition bearer of the old Highland style of Scottish fiddling. She moved to Norway in 2010 and has a master’s degree in Norwegian folk music and improvisation from the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Music. She recently participated on an album with leading contemporary music string quartet Quatuor Bozzini, performing a piece written for her by Prof. Monty Adkins.

Jak Wood

Jak Wood is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist based in South London. Primarily playing Guitar and Banjo, in the American Primitive Iodiom. His first record was released in July 2018 – titled Broken Leg Brain by Leaves Records.

The album is an exercise in catharsis- the sections of each song being written while recovering from a severe leg break and the multitude of surgeries needed in the aftermath. Jak then improvised the song structures upon recording in Selar Studios South London. His music is a unique take of American Primitivism, Outlaw Country and Drone, depicting weighty pandemonium and carefree whimsy without saying anything at all.