Friday 17 December 2021, 8pm


£15 £13 Advance £10 MEMBERS

Great triple bill from London based experimental music collective and label Sagome, who promote DIY gigs and sound projects across the borders.


Since 2018, four private-press volumes of previously-unheard music from subterranean Swedish project Civilistjävel! have been released. Civilistjävel!'s M.O. ranges from intimate, melodic minimal synth nocturnes through to deep, droning, Chain Reaction-esque techno ice-scapes, all of it austere but full of nameless, 30-days-of-night yearning.


Komare is Dominic Goodman and Peter Blundell who also make up two-thirds of Mosquitoes. Somewhat of an estranged cousin to Mosquitoes take on re-ruffled rock, Komare resides more as a dub-influenced exploration of the outer fringes, creating a thick vibrational delusion. Somehow like Zweistein mixing a Robert Ashley record, Komare is an exceptional space and time stretching disorientator. In the process of rendering reality, redundant Komare gleefully lead the listener into a netherworld of holographic, hallucinatory audio. Shades of Monoton and Pyrolator may also be detected as can the impression of intoxicants wafting around the mixing console. This is a state where humans and machines, though present, are smeared of all traceable attributes. The depths of the journey move further into a netherworld as the sound progresses/disintegrates. Not necessarily one for the beauty seekers, Komare is an extremely deep trip concocted by two unbridled creative crusaders.


Loopsel is Elin Engström, one half of the label Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox and the project Monokultur from Gothenburg, Sweden. Her first release under the name Loopsel was a tape on Amatör Kasetter with music composed for an exhibition called “the Spiral”. The sound of the Spiral tape is dark and cinematic, not too far away from Monokultur. The Loopsel 7” is 4 tracks on 33rpm with more of a happy and folky vibe. For this show, she has been collaborating with Charlott Malmenholt from Treasury of Puppies who will join her on stage.