Friday 19 July 2024, 7.30pm

SAGOME 023: Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary + Hannan Jones + Bidimensional Gangsta (DJ)

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Sagome presents chaotic free jazz sounds of Saint Abdullah alongside Brooklyn-based drummer and composer, Jason Nazary, Hannan Jones – an artist of Algerian and Welsh origin raised on Binjareb Noongar Boodja, Western Australia, and Bidimensional Gangsta on the decks.

Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary

A wave of blistering noise washes over a barrage of unrelenting percussion. These are the chaotic free jazz sounds of Saint Abdullah – Tehran-born brothers Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani-Yeganeh – and Jason Nazary – Brooklyn-based drummer and composer. This noisy and evolving collaboration began when Nazary and the Mehrabani-Yeganeh brothers realised that they all lived in the same neighbourhood of Brooklyn and admired each other’s music. Their first release together Evicted In The Morning (2023) had tender, glitchy, ambient currents coursing through it. It focussed around synthesised, reverie-inducing melodies and sparse pulmonary drum tracks, streaming through the compositions’ veins. Their follow-up, Looking Through Us (2023) took a turn towards montaged samples, muddy modular synthesis, and free jazz disarray, with a grimy quality to its sampling that recalls the hip hop tradition of the East Coast of the US while also summoning the traditional folk music sounds of the North Coast of Iran.

Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary bring their distorted, improvised strain of jazz electronics to Cafe Oto, performing a special live set based around Looking Through Us’ eviscerating drums, veering tempos, and gnarled feedback.

Hannan Jones

Hannan Jones is an artist of Algerian and Welsh origin raised on Binjareb Noongar Boodja, Western Australia. Research-led and practicing at the intersections of moving-image, sculpture and sound Hannan deep dives into concepts of hybridity, language, and rhythms that are associated with cultural and social migration, and psychogeography. Sonically, Hannan explores through improvisation, electronics, music concrete, and analogue recordings. Using samples and layering of audio material to create alternate possibilities, reclaims parallel histories, and reimagine connections between them.

Previous presentations include David Dale Gallery x Clyde Build Radio; CCA Annex; Edinburgh Art Festival; New Radicalisms, Rotterdam; Tate Lates, London and REWIRE, The Hague and La Chunky, Glasgow. Under the ongoing project 'Re-Imagining in Conversation,' in collaboration with frequent partner Shamica Ruddock, performances have been held at Oscillation Q‑O2, Counterflows, Future Soundscapes in Berlin, Archive Sites at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin, and Cafe Oto in London. Hannan is a 2023 Oram Award winner and also a 2024-25 Wysing Arts Centre Resident.

Bidimensional Gangsta , DJ

Bidimensional Gangsta is a fictional character exiled and lost into spoof test maps of some low poly thug RPG. When he’s not part of the duo Babau or curating new releases on Artetetra, he spins, chops, screws and cooks hours of fast low-life body scramblers and proto-goon mania for simulated internet gangsta. He has produced tracks for A Flooded Need and Lord Spikeheart. 100% FRESH CUTZ & SMELL OF BURNT PLASTIC.