Friday 5 April 2024, 7.30pm

Show + live stream: Robyn's Rocket featuring Clive Bell, Betamax + Rai Wong + Clémentine March + DMS + live visuals by Rucksack Cinema and Samir

No Longer Available

Doors are at 7:30pm and music starts at 8pm.

Robyn's Rocket featuring Clive Bell, Betamax, Rai Wong, Clémentine March, D.M.S, and live visuals by Rucksack Cinema and Samir

Clive Bell plays flutes including a Japanese flute called shakuhachi (shack oohh hatch e) outside of the world of experimental music Clive may be best known for playing on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Betamax - Max is Clive's son , he plays drums and you might of seen him play with Soccer96, The Comet Is Coming or Champagne Dub.

Rai Wong - may be best known as a graphic designer having made many album covers for artists like Alabaster De Plume but he is also a musician with his project Floating World Pictures.

Clémentine March - is a singer songwriter based in London. She grew up in France and has also lived in Brazil, so she can sing in French, Portuguese and English. She has played bass in many bands like Bas Jan and Blue House but also plays her own songs.

D.M.S - Dani makes music.

Rucksack cinema and Samir - Rucksack Cinema aka Jaime Rory Lucy , creates art live with visual artist Samir, the work is made in real time in response to the music and is projected on the walls and celling of Cafe OTO .


Robyn Rocket

"I am a musician author and educator , I play Trumpet through guitar effect pedals,
I was classically trained age 8-15 but didn’t get anywhere as I have always been into Avante Garde minded, but in January 2016 I saw a band called spaceheads.
I also joined Tony Douglas MBE’s beginners big band and learnt how to use my ears." – Robyn Steward