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Sunday 10 February 2019, 2–4.30pm

Robyn's Rocket - Afternoon performance

No Longer Available

Robyn's Rocket has a special afternoon adventure. There will be improvised (which means this musicians will not decide what they are going to play before the gig) music

Cafe OTO's stage will look like a spaceship and there will be projections of live art made live by a visual artist and Rucksack cinema.

The musicians who will be playing on the afternoon are:

  • Gagarin (Graham)
  • Alex
  • Lukey 
  • Robyn

About who is playing

Gagarin - is Graham Dowdall, he makes "electronica" as well as making drum sounds he also uses found sounds (sounds recorded from the world around him e.g a fridge's sound could be called a found sound). Graham has worked with Nico and works a lot with David Thomas.
His website address is www.gagarin.org.uk

Alex Monk – Alex plays guitar and uses lots of effects to make Beautiful sounds , Some people might say it is psychedelic.
Here is his website: https://alexmonk.bandcamp.com

Lukey Foxtrot – Lukey makes music you can dance to but also music that might make you think of space age landscapes.
Here is his website: https://lukeyfoxtrot.bandcamp.com/

Robyn – Robyn Steward is the host of Robyn's Rocket. She makes music with a trumpet that goes into guitar effect pedals.
Her website is: www.robynsteward.com

This is a relaxed performance. This means:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • The social rules are relaxed so you can sit, dance or stand and you can leave the venue and come back at anytime in the afternoon
  • There will be communication wristbands: Red = leave me alone. Orange = I'll talk to people I know. Green = I'll talk to anyone 
  • There will be ear defenders available

Robyn's Rocket is supported by Help Musicians UK "do it differently fund" and Heart N Soul.


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