Sunday 8 May 2016, 8pm

Photo by Anna Bernhardt

Rishin Singh + Tim Parkinson

No Longer Available

An evening of contemporary music for piano, trombone, text and field recordings.

‘Trombone And Piano Piece’ (2003) - Tim Parkinson
‘Findelkind’ (2004) - Thomas Stiegler
‘A Body To Itself, Joining Others (2)’ (2015) - Rishin Singh

‘Places To Listen (1&2)’ (2014) - Eva-Maria Houben
‘2005(1)’ (2005) - Manfred Werder

Rishin Singh

Rishin Singh (b.1985, Kuala Lumpur) uses different media to create minimal, sensual and meditative work that invites the audience to concentrate on the simple rhythms of everyday life. He collaborates regularly with Johnny Chang, Konzert Minimal, Eva-Maria Houben and his ensemble 'songs' (lucio capece, rishin singh, derek shirley, stine sterne). He lives in Berlin.

Tim Parkinson

Tim Parkinson has consistently pursued an independent path, seeking to engage with whatever it means today to be a functioning composer in the world. His music is mostly written for a dedicated community of friends and musicians (amongst others Philip Thomas, Anton Lukoszevieze, Julia Eckhardt). He has organised many public concerts to promote the presence, wealth and variety of present day music exploration, one thread of which is the annual concert series, Music We'd Like to Hear, co-curated with John Lely and Markus Trunk. As a soloist he has performed with Object Collection, Skögen, Apartment House, Set Ensemble, Incidental Music, Q-02, J.G. Thirlwell, Phill Niblock, Matteo Fargion, James Saunders, Lee Patterson, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Jürg Frey, Michael Pisaro, Michael Parsons, Gavin Bryars, Joshua Rifkin, and Christian Wolff, amongst others.

His music has been labelled as experimental, "reconstructing music from the ground up", and "sounding like nothing else", the work invariably returning to fundamental questions around the meaning of sound. He has been associated with other British independent voices of the same generation, such as Bailie, Crane, Harrison, Newland, Saunders, Whitty.

Recent projects include productions of the opera "Time With People" in Huddersfield, London and Los Angeles, with future productions planned for Chicago and Cardiff.