Saturday 17 December 2016, 8pm

Images: Visionist, Safe, 2015 and Zadie Xa, Mood Rings, Crystals and Opal Coloured Stones, Still from video, 2016

PS/Y presents Hysterical X – Visionist + Zadie Xa

No Longer Available

Zadie Xa presents a new performance piece bringing together elements of video projection, sound and live storytelling. Written by Taylor Le Melle, Basic Instructions B4 Leaving is a non-linear narrative venturing into a distant cosmos where shape shifting, mutation and magic are the central themes explored.

For Hysterical X Visionist will present new material. His debut album Safe is a ‘personal portrait of anxiety’. It takes its listener on a journey through the human condition. In his own words the album is “a sound representation of an anxiety attack, from having that one thought and that thought turning into multiple thoughts, and finding yourself having an attack, and then coming out of that and managing to relax again. It takes you through that experience. That’s one of the reason’s it’s called ‘Safe’. For me, when I have anxiety I take myself away from the place that I’m in and take myself to somewhere I can be more in control.” (Dazed) 

Hysterical X is part of PS/Y’s coming Hysteria programme, 2017 and follows on from Anxiety, 2014 and Anxious Xmas, 2013 and 2012.

PS/Y is supported by Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England




Zadie Xa

Zadie Xa is a London based Canadian artist whose work explores identity, desire and personal fantasy. She completed an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (2014) and a BFA from Emily Carr University (2007)

Recent exhibitions and performances include 3 Thousand and 30 High Priestess of Pluto, Whitechapel Gallery; Linguistic Legacies and Lunar Exploration, Serpentine Gallery; Kind of Flossy, Assembly Point Gallery; A Rose Is Without a ‘Why’. It Blooms Because It Blooms, Carl Freedman Gallery; Ride the Chaktu // First Contact, Serpentine Radio; With Institutions Like These, Averard Hotel; At Home Salon: Double Acts, Marcelle Joseph Projects (all London, 2016)


South London artist Visionist, born Louis Carnell, has established himself as a leading voice in new-wave UK soundsystem culture. 

His ‘I’m Fine’ release on Lit City Trax gained great plaudits with 8/10 on Xlr8r and 4/5 on RA. It also has gained a lot of BBC Radio 1 play from Benji B and Eclair Fifi.

His debut album Safe, released on PAN in 2015, has been called an incongruous blend of calm and anxiety – full of raw human emotion – with the conflict between man and machine at its heart. (RA)