Sunday 22 April 2018, 7pm, OTO Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE: PRAXIS 8 – Phil Minton & Simon Pomery, Allen Fisher, Camilla Nelson

No Longer Available

Curated by Simon Pomery
With support from Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre

Phil Minton comes from Torquay in the UK. He played trumpet and sang with the Mike Westbrook Band in the early 60s- Then in dance and rock bands in Europe for the later part of the decade. He returned to England in 1971, rejoining Westbrook and was involved in many of his projects until the mid 1980′s. For most of the last forty years, Phil has been working as a improvising singer in groups, orchestras and situations, in various locations worldwide. Some composers have written pieces that especially employ his extended vocal techniques and improvisations. He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher and ongoing duos with all the above. Phil also sings with many other musicians including Audrey Chen, with whom in the last ten years, he has performed worldwide. And recently, after a long break, he’s been involved in several of American composer Bob Ostertag’s projects. Since the eighties, his Feral Choir, where he voice-conducts workshops and concerts for Anyone Who Wants to Sing, has performed in over twenty countries.

Allen Fisher is a poet, painter, art historian, lives in Hereford. Performed and printed with Fluxus 1970s, edited Spanner, New London Pride and co-published Aloes Books, studied drawing and colour with the Thubrons at Goldsmiths’ College, taught at Hereford College of Art, head of art Roehampton, head of contemporary arts Manchester Metropolitan, currently working on paintings and poetry around a black pond in a peat bog. Recent publications were essays Imperfect Fit: Aesthetics, Facture & Perception; the complete poetry of Gravity as a consequence of shape; a second edition of the collected poetry of the PLACE books and a reprint of Ideas of the culture dreamed of.

Camilla Nelson is a British language artist. Her work explores language as material and performance in page-based poetry, installation, sound and movement. The script of Reading Movement, a series of movement language performances, was long-listed for The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers in 2016. Her first full poetry collection, Apples & Other Languages, was long-listed for the Melita Hume Poetry Prizeis out now with Knives Forks and Spoons. Her second collection, A Yarn Er Narrative, is forthcoming with Contraband Books. Camilla is founding editor of Singing Apple Press, a small independent press that produces hand-crafted, limited edition poem-prints, books and other objects.

Simon Pomery (Blood Music) will play in a duo with Phil Minton.