Monday 15 July 2024, 7.30pm

Paralaxe Editions presents: Rosso Polare + Concepción Huerta + Dania + Not Waving (DJ)

No Longer Available

Barcelona label and publishing house Paralaxe Editions returns to Cafe OTO with another excellent bill.

Rosso Polare

Rosso Polare is Cesare Lopopolo and Anna Vezzosi, a contemporary improv duo from Milan, Italy, drawing from their complementary environments (the Italian countryside vs the city) to create a highly personal musical language merging field recordings, folklore and audio manipulation.

Having both studied visual arts, their approach is equally rooted in a deep theoretical background, as well as an intuitive élan, while focused on researching counter- narratives regarding the depiction of the animal world. They strive to normalize the levels between human-produced music and natural biophony by making the listener aware of their indigenousness to nature.

In 2020, they released their debut Lettere Animali via the Moscow-based label and collective Klammklang, followed by Cani Lenti via Cafe Oto’s in-house label Takuroku and later reissued by ADN Records. They played at festivals and venues across Europe, including Cafe Oto, Météo - Mulhouse Music Festival, Klang - Roma, Spazio Contemporanea - Brescia, BääFest - Milano as well as online events such as The Quarantine Tapes by Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio.


An architect of textured, neo-ambient soundscapes, Dania explores both sound and identity, focusing specifically on how the latter has fractured in a post-colonial world. Born in Baghdad, raised in Tasmania and now based in Barcelona, she moves between cultures and continents, her amorphous creative vision directly tied to her transient existence.

The founder of experimental platform Paralaxe Editions, Dania divides her time between Spain and the remote corners of Australia, where she works as an emergency doctor. Her musical practice, however, is preoccupied with harmonics and tonality, weaving together manipulated vocal fragments, processed field recordings and meditative atmospheres.

She has released on Geographic North, Ecstatic, Superpang, OOH sounds and on Longform Editions.

Not Waving , DJ

Not Waving is the moniker of London based Italian musician Alessio Natalizia, known for his bold and immersive soundscapes that blend electronic, experimental, and ambient elements.

He is a NTS Radio resident DJ and the owner of Ecstatic Recordings, the London based record label formed in 2013.

With a deep-rooted love for exploratory sonic journeys, Not Waving's music can be described as a sonic kaleidoscope, filled with intricate layers, unexpected twists, and a constant search for new avenues of sonic expression.

Concepción Huerta

Keen documentarian of the experimental scene in Mexico for more than five years, Concepción Huerta has extended her creative practice of visual media towards sound design. With a constant activity in the noise, impro and audiovisual collaboration circuit, Concepción released Estática, alongside Mabe Fratti on SA Recordings last year.