Thursday 27 January 2022, 8pm

Paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song - Salomé Voegelin record launch with KMRU + Arturas Bumšteinas + Rebecca Lennon

£16 £14 Advance £8 MEMBERS

An improvised evening exploring the meeting point between text and sound featuring special guests KMRU, Rebecca Lennon and Arturas Bumšteinas and scores by Salomé Voegelin.

Join us as we make our own shared racket to celebrate the release of Paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song. The evening will feature sets by KMRU, Bumšteinas and Lennon set amid spoken scores by Voegelin, as together we explore the possibilities of words, sounding and processes of improvisation.

Paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song features eight pieces based on scores written for each artist by Voegelin. It includes work by Siavash Amini, claire rousay, Rie Nakajima, AGF (Antye Greie), Arturas Bumšteinas, Rebecca Lennon, Rhodri Davies and KMRU.

Paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song is released by Flaming Pines.

“I write scores to get into conversation with human and more than human things, while staying by myself. I use words to trigger an exchange that includes, beyond words, the doing, listening and sounding to and with things. My starting point is private and intimate, quiet mainly if not mute, and felt rather than heard. From there the speaking of words expands the feeling into doing, which as listening and sounding takes a contingent shape that meets that of others and other things, listening and sounding too. Thus on the basis of odd and private imaginations I start to make a shared racket and a space of things that narrate their own instructions.” --- Salomé Voegelin.

Salomé Voegelin

Salomé Voegelin is an artist and writer who works with sound’s relational capacities to practice possibilities of the undisciplined, and to look for the transversal in its fuzzy geographies. She writes essays and text-scores for performance and publication. Books include Sonic Possible Worlds (2014/21) The Political Possibility of Sound (2018) and Listening to Noise and Silence (2010).Her latest book ‘The Political Possibility of Sound’, Bloomsbury 2018, articulates a politics that includes creativity and invention and imagines transformation and collaboration as the basis of our living together. Voegelin’s practice engages in participatory, collective and communal approaches and uncurates curatorial conventions through performance. She is a Professor of Sound at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and currently represents the Professorship Klangkunst in den Kunstwissenschaften at the University of Art Braunschweig.


Currently studying sonic arts in Berlin, Joseph Kamaru aka KMRUis a Nairobi-born, Berlin-based sound artist whose work is grounded on the discourse of field recording, noise, and improvisation. His work posits expanded listening cultures of sonic thoughts and soundpractices, a proposition to consider and reflect on auditory cultures beyond the norms, and an awareness of surroundings through creative compositions and installations. His last three albums, 2020's "Peel", "Opaquer" and "Jar" received high praise from Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, NPR, and Bandcamp, KMRU is part of SHAPE platform roaster of artists for 2021. His works have been presented in NyegeNyege Festival (UG), CTM Festival(DE), GAMMA (RU), and Mutek Montreal and Barcelona.

Photo by Claudia Mock

Rebecca Lennon

An artist based in London, Rebecca Lennon works across media including video, text, performance, sound and music to think about and play with the non-linear shapes and rhythms of the voice, memory and the speaking body. Exhibiting internationally, across contemporary art and experimental music platforms, radio and recently, publishing, Rebecca graduated from the Slade School of Art London MFA in 2010, and is a regular visiting lecturer at universities such as Arts University Bournemouth and Royal College of Art. Recent / upcoming group exhibitions and performances include: Kaunas Film Festival, Lithuania, 2020, Kunstraum, London 2019, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, 2021, Cafe Oto, London, 2022, Galeria Duarte Sequiera, Braga, Portugal, 2021 with solo shows at Southwark Park Galleries, London 2021, Primary, Nottingham, 2020, Almanac, Turin, Italy, 2019 and Matts Gallery, London, 2018. Rebecca featured in ‘On Care, an anthology of artists writing published by MA Bibliotheque in 2020, BBC Late Junction 2019/2020 and on a collection of artist interpretations of scores by writer and artist Salomé Voegelin released on vinyl in 2022.

Arturas Bumšteinas

Arturas Bumšteinas (b.1982, Vilnius) is Lithuanian artist working within the intersections of sound, music and art. His practices could be divided in to several categories: experimental music, acoustic sound works, sound installations, pieces for theatre, radio art… In the mid 90s Arturas was the first Lithuanian artist to use the internet to collect sounds from people around the world and make collage-compositions from these submissions. He is  the initiator of various musical projects and since 2000 he has collaborated with different artists like Anton Lukoszevieze, Vladimir Tarasov, Krystian Lupa, Žilvinas Kempinas, Gintautas Trimakas, Lina Lapelytė, Vaiva Grainytė, Gailė Griciūtė, Laura Garbštienė, Piotr Kurek, Ivan Cheng.  His projects have been presented across Europe and his “solo” exhibition have been held at Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, Vartai Gallery, AV17 and Galerie Antje Wachs Berlin. He has performed at The Holland Festival, Unsound, Tectonics, Sensoralia, Angelica, Vilnius Jazz, Kody, Skanumezs, Cut & Splice, Sacrum Profanum, Ultraschall, Sonic Circuits in the USA. His music is published by Bolt, Cronica, Unsounds, Edition Telemark and others. In 2013 he was awarded EURORADIO “Palma Ars Acustica” prize for his radio art and a Golden Stage Cross for his theatre work in 2021. Since 2021 Arturas also performs with his improv group Sneeze Etiquette.

Photo by Laura Vanceviciene