Saturday 23 February 2019, 7.30pm

Oto Nové Swiss II: ASDA + (live) + Feldermelder (live)

No Longer Available

Presented by Südpol & Amalgame Yverdon

Lucerne-based center for contemporary performing arts Südpol defines itself as a platform and catalyst of the local, national and international creative scene. The venue that was established in 2008 offers residencies to artists, and a broad range of concerts, performances, plays, dance pieces, and more to its guests.

Located in the beautiful city of Yverdon Amalgam offers a carefully curated program to its guests. From rap concerts to performances of electronic music to club nights—Amalgam’s offerings are broad in scope and nonetheless always on point.

Oto Nove Swiss is a three-day festival at London's Café Oto presenting adventurous musicians and bands from Switzerland and the UK. Initiated by Bad Bonn, Südpol Luzern, and Präsens Editionen, 2019 marks the festival’s second installment. Together with L'Amalgame Yverdon, La Cave 12 and Spezialmaterial—this year’s guest-curators—live gigs and DJ sets by Andrew Weatherall, Belia Winnewisser, ASDA, Tout Bleu, Norbert Möslang, Ester Poly, and more are on the line-up.

With the kind support by Pro Helvetia, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Fondation Suisa, and Swiss Cultural Fund UK.


Bringing together grime, noise, dub, punk, poetry, jungle, and more, ASDA is a prime-example for the thrilling scene that came to existence around Bristol’s Young Echo collective. Sebastian Gainsborough (aka Vessel) and chester giles, the two men behind ASDA, have released their music on Bristol’s own FuckPunk and No Corner, and their live performances are notorious to say the least.


Manuel Oberholzer’s influences range from the decomposed structure works of old pioneers of electronic music to classic jazz, as well as current paths in electronic and analog music. The diversity of the music that inspires him finds reflection in his own sonic adventures, forming ever evolving sounds, combining them to map and compass to guide his artistic outbursts. He has performed his psychedelic live sets, played on a wide range of analog and controlled digital equipment, all over the world.

Since the early 90s Swiss composer Pierre Audétat aka is experimenting with sampling amateur video resources to create his own audio-visual collages. In Audétat’s impressive CV, stations like IRCAM Paris can be found next to a variety of jazz clubs and more. In 2018, the trained pianist was honored with the prestigious Swiss Music Award. During Oto Nové Swiss Audétat will present one of his musique concrète-inspired shows as