Wednesday 29 November 2017, 7.30pm

Ominira presents: Molto + Kassem Mosse + Oiseau Danseur (DJ)

No Longer Available

Ominira is a label operated by Kassem Mosse, focused on non-traditional approaches to electronic music in a continued effort to undermine audience expectations. The showcase programme at OTO features performances by Ominira artists and affiliates Molto, Kassem Mosse and Oiseau Danseur.

Visuals made possible with support from The Block:


Molto is the electro-acoustic improv project of Lorenz Lindner aka Mix Mup, known for his productions on UK labels TTT and Hinge Finger. Under his Molto guise he focuses more on his Jazz influences, building abstract and subtle compositions and grooves from percussive instruments with minimal electronic touches. Like the sculptural work of Lorenz Lindner the music of Molto focuses on the beauty of the casual. His music is highly reduced, yet his adept play with dynamics/pauses/silent sections will swep the audience away to a distant island and let them sink into a sandbank of sound.

Molto enjoys dancing to dub versions with his infant daughter.

Kassem Mosse

Kassem Mosse is known for his House and Techno productions on workshop and Honest Jon’s where he takes the sonic palette and modes of production of the genre and then treats these as raw materials to shape them into something else, every track a detour. At Oto he will present material from his forthcoming new album for Ominira.

Kassem Mosse likes rain.

Oiseau Danseur

Oiseau Danseur is a DJ and radio host for RINSE France. She is a multi-culti lucid dreamer and plays ambient selections that twist and bend at every turn.

Oiseau Danseur is really good at drawing.