Wednesday 30 August 2023, 7.30pm

Photo by Maciej Komorowski


No Longer Available

One of the last surviving players of the tonkori - a 5-string harp performed by the indigenous Japanese Ainu people - OKI mixes traditional Ainu folk songs with international influences as varied as dub, Irish folk, throat singing, African drumming and music from Central Asia.

Born on the Japanese island of Hokkaido in 1957, he is a contemporary of the likes of Haroumi Hosono and Midori Takada, an explorative folk musician who is one of Japan’s most respected and restless contemporary folk musicians.

“(On Tonkori In the Moonlight) the Ainu maestro gives his people’s endangered ancient sound a modern lease of life – with dub, harmony and dazzling percussion” - The Guardian - folk album of the month (February 2022)

“A really, really, good album. Folkloric with some electronic moments and very much inspired by Haruomi Hosono. A worldwide winner” - Gilles Peterson