Monday 19 January 2015, 8pm

Photo by Yuki Yamamoto

Nommit (Daichi Yoshikawa / Paul Abbott / Seymour Wright / Howard Slater / Ute Kanngiesser / Yuki Yamamoto)

No Longer Available

A perfectly reasonable, but utterly peculiar fusion of languages, voices, musics and sound minds, lll人lll (pronounced [nɒmɪt]) combines the trio of lll人 (Daichi Yoshikawa, Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright) with the voices and texts of Howard Slater, Ute Kanngiesser and Yuki Yamamoto.

These two threes were first juxtaposed last summer during the launch concert for lll人’s remarkable debut LP gjērhan (OTORoku 11) – like passing ships. They became a six-person aggregate at the Fukushima benefit months later – the semantic-sound to feel-hear of Kanngiesser, Slater and Yamamoto reading pleats (in/un)folding into lll人.

The emergent whole is tantalising - an odd, deeply affecting and multi-lingual, suite of words, voice, emotion and the very different imaginations of these creative individuals. This event will be a live recording of an ‘attempt 2’ - pick up, move on, last longer and (in/un)fold further.

sinn aus druck

imagine ( for lack of a better word )

how you are hearing something

klammer auf ( now ) klammer zu

and what you are hearing

becomes indistinguishable

Ute Kanngiesser.





お茶の葉が沈んでいく間 見つめている時間

私の時間、あなたの時間 お茶の葉っぱ

暗い景色 夜の時間にある景色 見つめている間



見つめている目 時が止まるようだ

時間の動き 夜の間 月を見ている

Daichi Yoshikawa.



Take a chance, a risk.

Practice in public

a private praxis.

Add to. Listen in.

Some form. Some words. Some phonics.

Listen to.  Add in.

Some gasps. Some cracks. Some soma riffs. 

Not to fuse. Not to Coalesce

But to mix a semiotic

a fragile self-stripping assemblage

singular clash kind

Yu tek a chance, a risq. Joi-n. Adtu. Lysen etc

Howard Slater.


A: _______________£νόμος  makst mort.

B: Tite!

C: zz’thee knaw lll人lll [nommit]? 

B: Herring-gutted dree[vil?] cavey, angletouches caffle y carthen. Casn’t. Clever/cavey. (So far, anyway [aside]).

A: Quapp/quatt/quapp/quatt_ipson_ipson_ipson-ly. Ipson-lllllly. Epsom/Rocky gannen

B: はい

A:はい, sechs.

A+B+C: [unison voice] Kerning___________|||\!!!

Seymour Wright.