Monday 9 September 2019, 7.30pm

NANDINI MUTHUSWAMY + Two: A Film by Satyajit Ray (1964) - Live score by Dee Sada

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Renowned Violinist, Nandini Muthuswamy is hailed as an exceptional musician of the present generation. Widely regarded as a Maestro & Virtuoso she hails from an illustrious family of musicians. Being a 4th generation musician, her Guru – Siśya paramparā or musical lineage traces back to the Trinity – Saint Tyāgarāja, Śri Muttusvāmi Dikśitar, Śri Śyāma Śāstri and Śri Bālusvāmi Dikśitar, who was responsible for introducing the Violin into the firmament of South Indian Classical Music.

Acclaimed as a prodigy, Nandini Muthuswamy began her concert career at the age of 10 and has blossomed into one of the finest and most sought after musicians of the present day. Along with her sister Dr. M. Lalitha, she forms a part of the much acclaimed Duo – The Violin Sisters, who have enthralled audiences worldwide with their mellifluous music.

With a career extending over two decades, Nandini is regarded as a highly imaginative virtuoso Violinist whose violin playing is characterised by impeccable bowing and dexterous fingering. She is well known for the purity of notes – Sruti Suddham and command over layam or rhythm. Gifted with a sweet and rich tone, the music that cascades from her Violin is known to be sublime. Sampradaya Suddham or Classicism steeped in Tradition is the hallmark of her Violin playing. She has specialized in playing varnam-s in different grades of tempo and in playing Kalpana Svara-s in many grades of speed, which is a prominent and unique feature of her style of Violin playing. Her innate artistry, technical virtuosity combined with Bhava or musical emotionalism has endowed her music with fine aesthetic sensibilities.There is a rare spirituality about her music which soaked in Bhakti Bhava has endowed her music with a transcendental quality. With her fine musicianship and rare insight into the art, she has defined new limits for her musical artistry. Regarded as a trendsetter of refined Violin playing, she has evolved a style of her own and is widely respected for her artistry.

Two: A Film by Satyajit Ray (1964) - Live score by Dee Sada

'Two' is a short film by legendary Indian filmmaker, Satyajit Ray. It was made as part of a trilogy of short films from India that were commissioned by the US Public Television under the banner of Esso World Theater.

Akira Kurosawa believed that, “to not to have seen the cinema of Satyajit Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.”

Nepalese/Indian musician, Dee Sada currently performs in the London band, NEUMES with Akihide Monna and Koichi Yamanoha. In 2015, she performed a live score to Satyajit Ray's religious dogma film, 'Devi' at Hackney Picturehouse. For this score, she will be using a chord organ, djemebe, various hand percussion and a digital tabla.