9–10 April 2016, 11am–7pm, OTO Project Space


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The Music Hackspace is coming to Cafe OTO to present a two days workshop led by artist Victor Mazon as part of the new workshop series “Sound unfolded”.

Participants in the SIGNUM workshop will build and take home their own device, which is designed to record and listen to sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum: those invisible frequencies, electromagnetic fields and signals that constantly surround us but that we are usually unable to hear.

The workshop will be lead by Victor Mazon Gardoqui, who’s the author of the workshop’s concept, electronics design and documentation.

The device includes a transducer, opticals, coils, germanium diodes and a small loop antenna, which coheres sonically and allows users to listen to surrounding signals that would fall out of the human hearing range. The workshop will also introduce participants to using the electromagnetic spectrum within artistic practices.

No previous experience in electronics is necessary, but interest and patience mandatory.

SIGNUM Portable Analogue Instrumentation Amplifier:

About the device -

Signum is a portable device that provides a clean, line level & micro controller friendly output signal to various input sensors: different bandwidth antennas, high impedance transducers, photosensitive cells, infrared, ultraviolet, sound pressure or line level. The instrument performs a fully analogue difference operation between its input and reference output level, multiplying by a factor of 100 times in the first stage -controlable by potenciometre- and 10 times magnification on its second stage, providing a controlled amplitude output line suitable to be safely connected to any audio input: sound card, computer or mixer, providing the input signal a maximum magnification ratio of 1000: 1 and a signal-to-noise distortion of 0.007% THD. The kit contains two amplifier circuits operating in parallel to accommodate different impedances of sensors and a final amplification for line output. The 3 sensors embedded on its surface measures close range electromagnetic frequencies, a central SMA antenna connector for long-range signals and an external line input via the 3.5 mm jack to amplify self made sensors and physical devices. It’s powered by a 9V battery or supplied 1.3 mm power jack to USB connector.

Specifications -

Voltage gain 10 to 1000 (w/ ALPS potentiometer)
Amplitude control (w/ ALPS potentiometer)
Bandwidth set to 15.9kHz (w/feedback capacitors), or 100kHz (w/ caps removed)
Line IN / Line OUT (w/ Jack 3,5mm)
SMA Antenna Input
Self-centring output quiescent voltageBattery operation ~3V–30V
1,3mm power jack to USB cable included
220v to 5v USB adaptor included
Current drain ≤160mA
Size 70×70 mm
8x 30mm. metal stands
Sensors: transducer, optical, coil, germanium diode, small loop antenna included
Industrial PCB manufacture
Material FR4
Thickness 1,6mm
Surface Finish ENIG Immersion Gold on both sides
Black Matt Soldermask on both Sides

Date: 9 / 10 April, 11am to 7pm.
Location: Cafe OTO Project Space
Cost: £95 (Keep your device! All electronic materials and documentation included)


Victor Mazon
Victor Mazon’s research focuses on actions, objects and electronic devices -between- sound materiality and dislocated information. His work questions perception, altered state and vulnerability through un/stable arrangements. He develops work in three main fields: actions or site-specific performances based on experimental processes, exhibitions which are a consequence of previous actions, and collective work developed through group collaborations and seminars in cultural and academic contexts.

Music Hackspace
The Music Hackspace was founded in 2011 as a community for artists, engineers and entrepreneurs passionate about music and technology. The group fosters innovation by sharing knowledge and practices through regular seminars, workshops, performances and art residencies. Its programme’s content engages with sound, art, new instruments, computer music, and open source electronics amongst others.The Music Hackspace programme is managed by Tadeo Sendon The SIGNUM workshop is part of the workshop series ¨Sound unfolded¨, curated by Susanna Garcia:

“Sound Unfolded brings together action-based ideas about sound. It proposes an exploration of the relationships we can establish with sound through the act of making. To patch, to code, to reveal, to sonify. This is a workshop series about modular synths, audio synthesis, the electromagnetic spectrum, the transmission of sound and the digital.”

The Music Hackspace 2016’ programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Enquiries: please email workshops@musichackspace.org

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